Our Staff…

Albion Veterinary Clinic is owned and operated by Dr. Erika Pailer, DVM.  Dr. Pailer is a 2006 graduate from Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine.  Following graduation she spent 2 years working in a private practice in Indianapolis.  She then transitioned to working in emergency medicine for 8 years.  Dr. Pailer has 3 dogs; Jovi, Senna, and Dutch.  Dr. Pailer and her husband recently welcomed their first child.

Monica is an assistant.  She is in charge of all of the behind the scenes stuff at the clinic.  She has been with AVC since 2019.  Before coming to the clinic she studied to become a Veterinary Technician at IBC.  Monica has 2 dogs, Thor and Henry, and a cat named Cindy Clawford.  Monica’s hobbies include traveling and visiting local coffee shops.

Baileigh is our only veterinary technician.  She has been with AVC since 2018, when she graduated from IBC, with a Associates of Applied Science in Veterinary Technology.  Her hobbies include reading, K-Pop, and rescuing cats.  She has several cats, Pippen, Blackberry, Blueberry, and 2 dogs, Radar and Nevada.

Mandi has been with the clinic since 2017.  She helps us keep things running smoothly and efficiently.  She is passionate about Notre Dame football and spending time with her family.  Mandi has a dog, Akira, and several cats.  In Mandi’s free time, she enjoys traveling with her husband on the back of his motorcycle, feeding wildlife, and cleaning.                                                                                                                                                                                Harriet is another one of our very talented assistants.  She worked with Dr. Carmien before his retirement in 2016.  Harriet enjoys baking (she is famous here for her pies) and hard work on the farm.  She loves Purdue football and Central Noble Sports.  Harriet has several barn cats and a dog named Cooper.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Jade S. has been an assistant at AVC since 2020.  She is passionate about 4-H and FFA.  Jade enjoys spending time with her family and being outdoors.  Jade has a puppy named Rowdy. Jade is the proud mom of 2 little boys.

Maddy is an assistant studying to become an RVT through Penn Foster.  She enjoys gaming and traveling in her spare time.  Maddy is an avid fan of rock and roll and is absolutely obsessed with avocados.  She has 3 cats- Stella, Binx, and Carl.  Her favourite dog breed is a pug.

Jess is our receptionist.  Her hobbies include camping and spending time with friends.  She loves being a mom.  Jess has a dog, Tank and a cat names Christmas.

Paige is our Central Noble intern.  She has been with us for about a year now and is quickly learning the skills of the trade!  She is active in FFA and after high school plans to pursue a degree and career in Production Animal Medicine.  Her hobbies include track and soccer.

Ashley is an assistant that joined our team in October of 2022.  Ashley is passionate about rescuing and helping those in need.  She loves gardening and horses.  Ashley lives on a farm with several pets, her husband and 2 children.

Marissa is also an assistant that joined the AVC family in October of 2022.  Previously she worked in the human healthcare field as a nurse.  Her hobbies include playing video games, reading educational non-fiction, and spending time with her pets and loved ones.  Marissa  has a dog named Ollie and 3 cats- Lillith, Loki, and Morty.

                                                                                                                                          Dr. Richard Smits DVM, works at AVC a few days a week.  Dr. Smits previously worked at Cedar Creek, before retiring in 2019.  He enjoys spending time with his grandkids and traveling to the IN state parks with his wife.  He is an avid carpenter and gardener.  Dr. Smits has a dog named Ivy.

Pumpkin Spice is in charge here.  She was rescued from her life on the streets by one of our staff members.  Her picture was shared over 1000 times on social media, in an unsuccessful attempt to find her owner.  She has since accepted life at the clinic, and can be found daily on our reception counter greeting clients and demanding love.