Heartworm Prevention

“Heartworm disease is a serious and potentially fatal disease in pets in the United States and many other parts of the world. It is caused by foot-long worms (heartworms) that live in the heart, lungs and associated blood vessels of affected pets, causing severe lung disease, heart failure and damage to other organs in the body.” –quoted from the American Heartworm Society¬†

To learn more about heartworms, please visit¬†the American Heartworm Society‘s page for some useful information.

Our clinic offers a few choices for heartworm prevention. We also highly reccommend being tested for heartworms yearly, even if on a preventative regularly.

The Pro Heart 6 injection is an injection given as a preventative for heartworms. One injection lasts for 6 months.

Interceptor Plus is a monthly chew tab that not only is a heartworm preventative, but also treats and controls intestinal worms.

This pill is a heartworm preventative and it treats and controls intestinal worms. It also treats fleas. This is a monthly pill given orally.