Flea & Tick Prevention

A flea infestation is never anyone’s idea of a good time.

Our clinic has a number of products for flea and tick treatment and prevention.




Bravecto is our most popular product. It is a chewable dose for both fleas and ticks and it lasts for three months. For dogs. (Also available as a topical for cats.)

Trifexis is almost right up there as far as popularity goes. This is a pill for for fleas. It doesn’t cover ticks, however, it is a heartworm preventative and it treats and controls intestinal worms. This is a monthly pill given orally. For dogs.



Comfortis is a pill that solely treats fleas. This is a monthly pill given orally. For cats and dogs.



Vectra is a topical treatment, given monthly. It repels and kills fleas, ticks, mosquitos, lice, mites and biting & sand flies. For dogs.




Seresto is a flea and tick collar. It lasts for 8 months and guards against fleas and ticks.




This is a monthly topical treatment for just fleas. For cats.







Revolution is a monthly topical treatment. It covers fleas as well as ear mites. It is also a heartworm preventative (although heartworms in cats is rare) and it deals with some intestinal worms. For cats, kittens and puppies.