We provide euthanasia services here at our clinic. It’s never an easy choice to put your aging or ill pet to sleep, but it is a humane choice.

You have the option to be present to spend the last moments with your furry friend, or, if you find it too difficult, you do not have to be present. Euthanasias are typically by appointment only, as a veterinarian can only administer these services. If you do not wish to be present, you may drop off your animal to be euthanized and either have them cremated or pick up the body once we are done.

We have cremation services provided by Paws and Remember, or you may take your animal home with you. Cremation without the cremains returned is a standard sixty four dollars. If you would like the cremains returned, we have packages starting at around one hundred and fifty. If you would like more information and pricing, click here.